About Duraline LLC

Pittsburgh, PA

DURALINE LLC is a Pittsburgh, PA USA based supplier of wear resistance lining materials. The company’s Duraline Z-100 Heavy Duty Wear Lining material has been supplied to the Mining and Coal Preparation, and Mineral Preparation Industry in the USA for over 60 years. This cost-effective material is being supplied to and can be utilized by Coal Preparation Plants and Mineral Preparation Plants in chutes, sumps, underflow screen pans, hoppers, cyclones, storage bins and silos, etc. DURALINE LLC is proud to include the largest Coal Preparation Plant in the World as one of our oldest customers. Duraline Z-100 was selected as the material of choice for the sumps and underflow pans in the recent new Coal Preparation Plants constructed in PA and WV. Duraline LLC has also been supplying Z-100 for Coal and Mineral wear resistant applications in Canada, China and South America.

In addition to DURALINE LLC’s original Z-100 wear resistant product, the company also offers a line of highly abrasion and corrosion resistant Duraline Duraclad Ceramic Beaded Epoxy Resin lining/coating products and Tile Adhesives. These materials are utilized as primary lining/coating materials and are also used to repair or replace broken or missing wear tiles or wear plates. Duraclad C-300 is the number one material of choice here. However, there is a full line of specialized wear and corrosion resistant products formulated for many specific conditions. The revolutionary Duraline “FAST SET” Ceramic Beaded C-301FS wear resistant Epoxy Resin is especially formulated to allow “quick cure/short down time” repairs in as little as 30 minutes. You can do a repair and be up and running in less time than it takes for lunch! This is a truly amazing product that is indispensable in maintaining high levels of “on line” production time.

DURALINE HD-100-IF HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL FLOOR Duraline also produces a Heavy Duty Industrial Floor material aimed at Metals Plants, Recycling Plants and any industrial floor application with severe duty requirements. This product can also be furnished with SS or Synthetic fibers for extra strength. HD-100-IF is recommended for both new floors and as a floor repair material. This is not a thin coating, but rather a floor system where the wear resistance goes all the way through.

DURALINE Z-100 CAN BE GUNNED! Duraline Z-100 Heavy Duty Wear Liner is typically installed as a “trowel on” wear protection material. DURALINE LLC has conducted tests to document that Duraline Z-100 can be easily installed by the guniting process. This “big job” installation approach is directed specifically at Coal and Mineral Storage Silo Applications. Using the guniting process, the installation time of this already very cost effective and proven product is dramatically reduced. Test results confirm that the product can be gunned while maintaining its excellent wear characteristics.

DURALINE Z-100 (SSF), SS – FIBERS ADD EXTRA STRENGTH! DURALINE LLC has announced that Duraline Z-100 is now available with Stainless Steel and other Fibers. The addition of Duraline Fibers enhances the thermal and mechanical shock resistance, and further increases the overall strength of this proven and cost effective product. The Duraline Z-100 (SSF) can be installed by troweling or guniting.

CHINA: DURALINE LLC has moved into the Asian market by introducing the time proven Duraline Z-100 Heavy Duty Wear Liner for protecting and extending the service life of Coal Preparation Plant Sumps, Chutes, and Underflow Screen Pans. DURALINE LLC made their first shipment headed to China in August of 2006 and sales have increased steadily since then. The Company believes that this proven and very cost effective product has great application in this huge market. DURALINE LLC is also introducing their Ceramic Beaded Epoxy Resin Wear Compounds to the China market.